Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Dated: August 31 2022

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It’s the season of BBQs and beach days…and with lots of fun outdoor activities planned, home maintenance and repairs are most likely not at the top of your to-do list. While you may not be thinking of tackling some of these items this time of year, doing so now can help you avoid unnecessary repairs and surprise expenses later on.


- Clean porch lights. If you have glass light fixtures that are easily removed, bring them inside and wash in a dishpan of warm water with gentle soap. If the fixtures must stay in place, turn the power off and carefully wipe the exteriors with a damp microfiber cloth; dry with a soft cloth.

- Clean windows inside and out. Keep that summer sunshine streaming in by giving windows a quick rinse with glass cleaner or a vinegar solution, then squeegee them dry or wipe with a clean microfiber cloth. Check for torn screens and missing or damaged caulk so you can get that fixed before the colder weather arrives.

- Clean and seal your deck. If you didn’t clean and seal your deck in the spring, then you will want to do it now. With fall and winter coming, your deck is going to be exposed to inclement weather, and you’ll want to make sure it’s protected. While you’re out there, check the deck for any loose or curled boards, popped up nails, and loose fittings, and fix anything you come across.


- Clean the gutters. You might think you don’t have to worry about cleaning out your gutters until the fall, but the truth is, summer’s thunderstorms can deposit all manner of debris in your gutters. So, a good practice to adopt is to clean out your gutters before the leaves begin to fall.


-Check your roof. Those same summer storms that can clog your gutters can also wreak havoc on your roof. Before the cold season arrives, look for signs of missing or damaged shingles and check the flashing around your roof exhaust vents, skylights, chimney, or anything else that breaches your roof’s surface.


-Prune dead limbs, branches, and more. Dead tree limbs and branches will pose a danger in the winter because the wind, ice, and snow can cause them to break off. So, get yourself ahead of this problem by pruning away any dead branches and limbs and pull out any dead plants or shrubs.


-Check your fences. Inspect fencing and gates all around your property. If you find damaged areas (for example, broken boards, sagging areas, and soft or rotted wood) schedule repairs or replacement as needed.

- Keep your home safe when you’re away. If you’re traveling this summer, take some time to put safety precautions in place. Let your neighbors know when you will be away and ask a friend to check on your house from time to time. Motion-sensing exterior lighting, timed interior lighting and well-trimmed hedges can make your home a less appealing target for break-ins.

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